Blow a kiss, blow a job
if you say you don't want to shag harry, you're lying

Hey :) I'm Jamie.
I'm a Louis girl but sometimes I get really horrible internally painful Harry feels. This blog was made because of that.
100 % Harry Styles blog

(my main is youareoshawott)

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if you dont have a crush on harry styles you’re lying to yourself

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Harry’s lips

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imagine being harrys girlfriend and he would take you to dinner or award shows but in the middle he would get really horny i mean hes a teenage boy and put his big hand on your thigh under the table and start rubbing your thigh really gently and then start fingering you all while keeping a straight face and he knew exactly where you liked it and how to make you wet 

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chestnuts roasting on an open fire

harry styles taking off his clothes

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